How to take part?
Make a deposit
The minimum deposit to activate the Welcome Bonus is 150
Activate the available bonus when making the deposit
Get a 100% bonus
for the first 6
different deposits
(from 150 to 2000) and free spins without wagering

Deposit bonus

% to the deposit
50 000
40 000
35 000
30 000
25 000
20 000
200 000

Free spins to
the deposit from 150

Free spins
100 FS
301 - 350
80 FS
251 - 300
60 FS
201 - 250
40 FS
150 - 200
20 FS
300 FS
  • 1. Promotion Organizer is LLC "CASINO.UA" (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer"), having a valid license to carry out activities for the organization and conduct of gambling casino games on the Internet from 19.10.2923, issued on the basis of KRAIL decision № 307 from 13.10.2023, EDRPOU 45397781, located at the address: Ukraine, 04207, Kyiv, Levko Lukyanenko street, house 21, building 3.
  • 2. The organization and conduction of the Promotion are regulated with these Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), the official text of which is published on the website in the Promotion section.
  • 3. The Promotion is held to promote the trademark of the Gambling Games Organizer.
  • 4. A Promotion Participant may be a physical person having attained the age of 21 at the moment of participating in gambling game, who has passed identification and verification on the website of the Organiser of Gambling, who is not included in the Register of Persons with Restricted Access to Gambling Establishments and/or Participation in gambling and voluntarily participates in the gambling game and the corresponding promotion.
  • 5. By agreeing to these Rules, the Participant confirms that he is familiar with the Organizer's rules, Bonus Policy, Privacy Policy and also understands that he must adhere to the principles of responsible gaming posted on the website of the Organizer of gambling games
  • 6. The promotion is held throughout the territory of Ukraine, except for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
  • 7. The Promotion is held on website
  • 8. The Promotion is held from 02.01.2024 to 31.12.2024.
  • 9. Procedure for participation in the Promotion “Welcome Bonus” (hereinafter Promotion):
  • 9.1 According to the terms of this Promotion, the Participant must top up his gaming account by making the first deposit 150 UAH. Replenishment of the amount indicated in the table below activates one of the bonus packages that will be available to the Participant within the "Welcome Bonus" promotion (hereinafter referred to as Bonus packages), namely:
  • Deposit amount Deposit bonus in percentage Wager The maximum possible amount of the bonus in the form of electronic cash substitutes
    from 150 100% Х40 20 000₴
    from 200 100% Х40 25 000₴
    from 300 100% Х40 30 000₴
    from 500 100% Х40 35 000₴
    from 1000 100% Х40 40 000₴
    from 2000 100% Х40 50 000₴
  • 9.2 When replenishing the deposit on the minimum that is indicated in the table, item P.9.1. amount, the Participant has the opportunity to activate 1 (one) of the Bonus packages offered by the Organizer, with a bonus in the form of 100% to the deposit.
  • 9.3 If, from the moment of registration, the first replenishment of the Participant's gaming account was less than the amounts specified in the table in P.9.1, then such a Participant can activate Bonus packages with any other deposit from the minimum specified in P.9.1 within 5 (five) days from the moment of registration of My Account at (hereinafter – My Account).
  • 9.4 After the Participant has selected and activated the Bonus package available to him for crediting funds to the Payout balance, within the next 5 (five) days, by Pressing the "Start" button, he must start playing the bonus in accordance with the specified rules and conditions of the activated Bonus package. All details of each separate Bonus package will be available to the Participant in My Account in the "Bonuses" section.
  • 9.4.1 If the Participant has not accepted the credited bonus within the period specified in P.9.4, he loses the right to receive such a bonus.
  • 9.5 In order to wager the received bonus in any available Bonus package, the Participant needs to make the bets turnover exclusively in the "Casino" section for an amount x40 times greater than the amount of the potential bonus within 5 (five) days from the moment of pressing the "Start" button.
  • 9.5.1 To wager the bonus, the maximum amount of the bet in the games of the "Casino" section is 100 UAH;
  • 9.5.2 Bets in the "Casino LIVE" and "Quick games" sections are not included towards winnings.
  • 9.6 The received bonus is redeemed for funds from the Player's Main Balance, which are available for payment. However, if in the process of withdrawal the balance before payment reaches 0 UAH, the withdrawal continues with funds from the Bonus balance.
  • 9.6.1 If both the Payout balance and the Bonus balance are zero, the Participant will have the opportunity to replenish customer account and continue to wager the activated bonus
  • 9.7 In the event when during bonus withdrawal, a Player makes a withdrawal request from the Balance before payment, the bonus withdrawn will be cancelled and the funds credited to the Bonus balance (from such wagered bonus) will be cancelled.
  • 9.8 The maximum available amount that will be shown on the player's Bonus balance is x3 of the potential bonus amount. For example: when replenishing the customer’s account in the amount of 200 UAH, the maximum amount that will be shown on the Bonus balance is 600 UAH (200*3 = 600).
  • 9.9 According to the terms of this Promotion, in each Bonus package, upon replenishment from the amounts indicated in the table below, the Participant will also have access to Free spins without wagering, namely:
  • Number of Free spins Required deposit for activation ІGames in which Free spins will be available for use
    20 from 150 to 200 «Sun of Еgypt 2» from 3 Oaks
    40 from 201 to 250 «Coin Strike: Hold and Win» from Playson
    60 from 251 to 300 «More magic apple» from 3 Oaks
    80 from 301 to 350 «Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win» from Playson
    100 from 351 «Sun of Egypt 3» from 3 Oaks
  • 9.10 After replenishing the deposit from the minimum amount specified in the table in P.9.9, the received Free spins must be accepted within the next 3 (three) days by pressing the "Accept" button. If the Participant has not accepted the accrued Free spins within the specified period, he loses the right to receive this bonus.
  • 9.10.1. If the first deposit of the gaming account was less than the specified amounts, the participant can activate bonuses with another deposit of at least 100 UAH within 10 (ten) days from registration, to activate the “100% BONUS TO THE DEPOSIT” and from 300 UAH within 5 (five) days from registration, to activate the “300 FREE SPINS FOR THE DEPOSIT”
  • 9.11 After pressing the above button, the received Free spins will be automatically available for use in games from the providers specified in the table of P.9.9 of these Rules. All detailed terms of Free spins enrolment will be available to the Participant in My Account, in the "Bonuses – Free spins" section.
  • 9.11.1 Cost of one Free spin – 1 (one) UAH.
  • 10. The actual acceptance of the bonuses by the Participant in My Account within the time limit according to P.9.4 and 9.10 of the relevant Rules is considered the moment of the Prize transfer.
  • 11. Taxation of persons who have received a prize is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine at the moment winning payment by the Organizer. Winning payment is a financial transaction for the payment of funds to the player's bank account from which the deposit was made.
  • 12. The incomes specified in P.11 are finally taxed at the moment of their payment to the account of the persons who received the prize, and the Organizer is a tax agent and withholds from each payment of winnings (prize) taxes and fees in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine and transfers them to the corresponding budget.
  • 13. These rules can be changed/updated by the Organizer during the entire Period of the Promotion, while the changes and additions will be posted on the website. Such changes and additions come into force from the moment of publication, unless otherwise provided by the current version of the official rules
  • 14. By participation in this Promotion, the Participant agrees to these Rules, thereby obliged to comply with them and to be guided by them in relations with the Favbet management team and other Participants. Full compliance with all provisions of these Rules is a necessary condition for participation in the Promotion. Promotion Participant who does not comply with the Promotion Rules may lose the status of a Participant and is not available to receive any compensation from the Organizer.
  • 15. If during the Promotion general period, the Participant has set a personal limit for gaming activities by connecting the "SELF-EXCLUSION" function on the Organizer's website, such Participant loses his right to get a prize in the Promotion.
  • 16. You can contact the support service at the specified contacts in the appropriate section on the website for all additional questions related to the Promotion.